Hey NOHL and NOGHL players…Welcome to the second half of the season.

New Schedule is Out

You’ll notice in your scheduling that we have realigned some of the teams and done a 3 division split as well (6/8 and 6). There has been some great games played and some blow outs as well, and our objective is to try have better games and not so many of the latter! We as per the first leg of schedule will be tracking results and may re-jig the divisions again by the end of January, just in time for the play downs towards the playoffs.

So Far, So Good!

I have been talking with many of the teams and here are some of the comments that we are hearing: – It’s great to have new teams and faces that we are playing on a weekly basis. – Find the 1 period a little confusing – Are adjusting to “no slap shot” rule – Little to no “curfewed” games – the tone of most of the games are better resulting in less penalties

As and FYI:

We are evaluating everything as the season progresses, and I have certainly been hearing more positives than negative, which tells us we are on the right track

Couple things that you need to be aware of :

  • New schedule is up on the websites
  • Pickering College is Open!
    Know where you are playing! Your team may have the occasional game at Pickering College. Please check the schedule to ensure you are at the correct rink on a weekly basis , so you don’t experience what I have been guilty of in the past (end up at the wrong rink 15 minutes before game time!)
  • 2nd Half Cheques: -Please note that your 2nd half cheques will be deposited the week of Jan 4th, 2019. Players be sure that you get your payments to your team reps before the Christmas break.
  • Doing “Time”:
    We are tracking total penalties per minute or per team and posting suspensions on the website. This is to be so that we are mindful of keeping things in perspective we all have to go to work the next day.

With that in mind please feel free to send the attached piece that was published a couple years ago on our website. It was written with the objective of insuring that people keep things in mind this is just a game and we all have to go to work the next day!

Should anyone have any thoughts or concerns please feel free to reach out. See you on the ice!

Shoot the Puck!

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cell 416 276-3272