Welcome to the NOHL Website!

We are a team based, 35+ old-timers non-contact /no slap-shot Recreational Mens hockey league.

It started in 1985 by 8 teams looking for a place to play in town. IN 1992 The NOHL expanded to 12 teams, and have been strong ever since! Now in its 29th season, The NOHL is known for its great game time slots (Wed or Thursday nights) at the MAGNA center, and is attracting recreational hockey players who want a good skate, and a link into the mens hockey circuit in the Newmarket and adjoining area.


The first half of the season, each team plays each other (round-robin) is seeded in their respective division according to the standings.

Should you be interested in joining us as a SPARE ROSTER PLAYER, please contact us, and we will plug you in!

NO Slap-shots
NO beer in the Dressing rooms

See you at the rink!

Drop the Puck!

Mike Smith
NOHL President (2014-15)

If you would like to contact the Newmarket Oldtimers Hockey League, please use our contact form.