Newmarket Oldtimers Hockey League

12 Teams - 35 & Over

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We are a team based, 35+ old-timers non-contact /no slap-shot Recreational Mens hockey league. It started in 1985 by 8 teams looking for a place to play in town …

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Full time or substitute basis? Send us your hockey credentials on our contact form and we can connect you with teams that need players.

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NOGHL and NOHL Interleague play

New for this season, 2018-2019, the NOHL will be trying some interleague play with the NOGHL … The Newmarket Old Guys Hockey League.

A full schedule can ve found on their League Lineup Website at this link below.

Second Half of the Season

Second Half of the Season

Hey NOHL and NOGHL players…Welcome to the second half of the season.New Schedule is OutYou’ll notice in your scheduling that we have realigned some of the teams and done a 3 division split as well (6/8 and 6). There has been some great games played and...

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2018-19 Season Begins!

2018-19 Season Begins!

From “the Comish” Welcome back to the 33rd edition of the NOHL hockey season! This season, we are changing it up a bit as many of our players know, and running a trial, Ionger, season, "mixing it up" ( joint season) with the 8 team NOGL (Newmarket Old Guys Hockey...

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How Do I explain…

How Do I explain…

What happened last night? I came home from hockey last night, crawled into bed without a sound. When I awoke, my wife asked... "What happened last night?" as she saw i had a welt on my face. "Hockey fight" was my response. Here are likely the other people I had to...

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Player Testimonial

“What a great league. The calibre of hockey is excellent and the post game camaraderie is like a trip to Mardis-Gras. I gained 15 pounds this season.”